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The Hippo exhibit at Werribee Zoo has benefited from the addition of a wetland filtration complex which takes nutrient rich water from the enclosure and treats the water prior to recirculation. Australian Ecosystems collaborated with the Werribee Open Plains Zoo and Urban Initiatives PTY LTD in this project. Australian Ecosystems collected seed, propagated, planted and maintained to maturity approximately 70,000 plants for this project, which was awarded the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects Land Management Award in 2007.

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From theLA Victoria Award for Excellence in Land Management KUBU RIVER HIPPOS’ EXHIBIT, WERRIBEE OPEN RANGE ZOO – Urban Initiatives Pty Ltd

In 2004, Zoo’s Victoria and Werribee Open Range Zoo embarked on an innovative scheme for the Hippo Marsh Exhibit that delivers a unique experience of Hippos in a landscape thematically representing the Okavango Delta of Botswana.The project reflects a new approach in the world of zoological design and includes a unique merging of constructed ecology, engineering and design. Key elements being the exhibit pools, filtration wetlands and treatment systems for Kubu River Hippos’. This significant land management project not only challenged the traditional form of a Hippos exhibit, but the whole way it presents the critical issues to the public, engages with the visitor, cares for it’s constituents, and most importantly establishes a new approach to ‘sustainability’ within the exhibit.

Werribee Open Range Zoo

Werribee Open Range Zoo courtesy of Australian Ecosystems