Information taken from NOAA

The Estuary Restoration Act (ERA), signed into law in November 2000, makes restoring our estuaries a national priority. The Act promotes the restoration of one million acres of estuarine habitat by 2010 by leveraging limited federal resources with state and local funding, developing and enhancing monitoring and research capabilities, and encouraging partnerships among public agencies and between the public and private sectors. As part of the Act, NOAA is required to develop and maintain an inventory of estuary restoration projects.

The purpose of the inventory is to:

  • provide monitoring and techniques information to advance restoration science
  • track the acres of habitat restored toward the one million acre goal of the Act
  • provide information for reports transmitted to Congress

The inventory contains information on projects funded through the ERA as well as other projects that meet minimum requirements. Project managers may submit data to the inventory through a user-friendly web site. Information on projects in the inventory is available to the public through project searches and reports, as well as through an interactive mapping application.

Benefits of using NERI for project managers:

  • Track and manage your organization’s projects
  • Produce project-specific reports or generate summary reports based on selected criteria
  • Increase public awareness and promote participation in restoration projects
  • Maximize project partnership opportunities
  • Use search capabilities and the Restoration Project Mapper to locate other regional restoration efforts to assist in future restoration planning and design

Current Status of the Inventory

The first phase of the inventory was launched in early 2004. This phase included the web site, data entry screens, and simple search procedures allowing users to view general project information and summary tables.

The second phase of the inventory was released in the summer of 2004, enhancing the site with a mapping component and the Advanced Search, which permits more complex project searches. The mapping component includes The Restoration Project Mapper, which allows users to create and view maps of project site locations. In addition, a series of pre-formatted maps has been made available for downloading.

In addition to updating and adding NOAA restoration projects, we are currently working to include information on other projects occurring throughout the country. We are primarily working to incorporate information from existing ERA Council agency databases. In addition, we welcome discussions with other organizations to explore the possibility of their using NERI for their own tracking purposes.